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PT. Gaharu Mitra Nusantara
PT. Gaharu Mitra Nusantara
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PT. Gaharu Mitra Nusantara


Introduce Us PT. Gaharu Mitra Nusantara is to introduce ourselves, We are a company of marketing development at national and international agarwood.
Success in strengthening forestry technology in the Provision of forestry science and technology, human resources capacity building and forestry technology, exchange of science, technology and experts, Desminasi and publications as well as increase the welfare and service of plasma science and technology of forestry.

When Mr / Mrs pleased, we can present the Seminar Workshop on Aquaculture Development SOCIALIZATION Eaglewood is more comprehensive and deeper for the solution implementation. For further information and consultation, Please do not hesitate to contact us www.gaharunusantara.com

Developer and Marketing Companies Becoming Agarwood tree National and International level

Greenpeace or the Natural greening Indonesia.
Improving the welfare of Partners who have the welfare of more than just good ..
Providing Education and Understanding of Information Technology Partners

Cooperation and opportunities for your attention, We express our thanks.

Febriarso Wibowo, ST

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