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Specification:For the layman, often known as agarwood tree like woody scent of sandalwood. In fact, completely different. Agarwood was now not merely a blessing of nature without human intervention because it was found gaharu production methods made no less with the natural. In Bogor, West Java, Research and Development Agency ( Research and Development) at the Forestry Research and Development Center ( Center) , Forest and Nature Conservation Ministry of Forestry to develop artificial gaharu production engineering. His research began in 2000. Research shows success within one to two years.

Eaglewood itself as a result of certain fungal enzyme compound that infects certain types of wood as well. Compounding that produce mastic which became known as aloes. Wood containing mastic or aloes best category or class of super-achieving price of USD 50 million per kilogram. Through the distillation method, agarwood is generally used as a fragrance. Head of the Center for Forest Nature Conservation Ministry of Forestry Sulityo A Siran said, aloes start diendus well to herbal medicine different types of severe diseases, such as tumors, cancer, liver, tuberculosis, and kidney.

Mechanical cultivation
Some plant species have the potential to produce gahar been explored. Plant species that include Aquilaria spp, Aetoxylon sympetallum, Gyrinops, and Gonsystylus.Berbagai plant species that spread in Kalimantan, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara, and Papua. However, its existence now rare. Citizens are also difficult to identify the type of plant. One of Aquilaria species in Borneo are known by local names Karas. Its existence started too rare.

Agarwood cultivation techniques by forming fungi penginfeksian aloes into the trunk of potential. Fungal isolates penginfeksi or shaper of Forestry Research and aloes are explored with the results obtained from the genus Fusarium and Cylindrocarpon. Currently obtained from as many as 23 isolates of the genus Fusarium fungus. Four isolates of the fungus Fusarium fastest potentially infected wood of aloes. " Within a month of wood that were infected with four isolates of the fungus is capable of showing signs of success, " said Sulistyo.

Then it can be picked-made aloes at the age of one to three years. Potential of the selected trees to form agarwood, which has more than 15 centimeters in diameter and over 5-6 years old. To inject penginfeksi fungal isolates, formerly of potential tree injured. In part these injuries, fungal isolates injected. " In one tree fungus isolate injected at 200 to 300 points stem injuries, " said Sulistyo. In wounding and fungal infection that forms blackish color.

For three years, blackish color tinge will spread upward in the distance only 3-4 inches. Blackish color tinge to the wood fiber that is what is called gaharu. So far, the best natural aloe called aloe black super thick, dense, hard, shiny, strong and distinctive smell of aloes.

Agarwood super did not show the wood fiber. Shaped like the chunks in which no holes. " Classification of quality agarwood determined there are six. In succession from the most good, namely the super class, responsibility, peas, anchovies, Kemedangan, and chopped, " said Sulistyo. Classes are chopped into small pieces of wood that become infected with aloes. Although it is not colored black or not containing aloe sap, chopped class still showed his trademark aroma. Usually, aloe is used for the manufacture of incense or incense.

In the process of production of artificial aloes, which is very important master is the process of seeding, the seedbed, planting, and maintenance of trees potentially aloes. No less important, first step is the formation of fungal isolates to be infected. The method includes forming isolation of fungi taken from the types of trees that produce gaharu.

After the mushrooms have been identified for compliance, and then propagated into the liquid or solid media. Fungal isolates were ready multiplied potentially injected into the tree aloes.

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